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Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) is an international film festival based in New York, which promotes and produces interactive events around independent films.

About WCFF

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival was founded in 2010 by Christopher J. Gervais as a 2 day event and has grown to a 10 day festival. [1] It is a juried event and attendees are international wildlife conservationists, filmmakers, photographers, scientists and people across the globe who work towards the preservation of global biodiversity . It has grown up in the process of being informed and inspired. In 2016 WCFF announced that DDB Worldwide (New York) will be partnering with them on a pro bono basis in order to further their exposure. [2]

2016 Award Winners

  • Animation – “MadagaSCAR’S” by Camille Wainer
  • Conservation – “Soul of the Elephant”
  • Ecosystem / Habitat – “Into the Wild of Borneo” by Jorge Camilo Valenzuela
  • Education – “Being different if you’re a Weddell Seal”
  • Endangered Species – “Mountain Gorilla’s” by Peter von Puttkamer and Sheera von Puttkamer
  • Feature – “Yellowstone” by Oliver Goetzl and Ivo Nörenberg [3]
  • Foreign – “Tanhavash”
  • Foundation – “The Nature of People” by The Nature Conservancy
  • Live Action – “Anti-Poaching Mozambique” [4]
  • Humans & Nature – “Red Wolf Revival” by Roshan Patel
  • Newcomer – “Magic & Mystery of Sable Island”
  • Ocean’s – “Ireland’s Ocean” by Ken O’Sullivan
  • Short – “Wrestlers of Western Ghats”
  • Student (secondary) – “The Evolution of Madagascar”
  • Student (post-secondary) – “Whale Aware”
  • Wildlife Activism – “Pangolins’ in Peril”
  • Wildlife Conservation – “Gardeners of the Forest”
  • Wildlife Crime – “Mystery Sharks of Seattle” by Michael Werner

Board of directors

Occupation name
Founder and CEO Christopher J. Gervais
President Fergus Beeley
Board Member Larry McClenney
Board Advisor Jane Alexander
Board Advisor Ron Magill
Board Advisor Casey Anderson
Board Advisor John Martin
Board Advisor Gale Brewer
Board Advisor Matt Pickens
Board Advisor Holly Marie Combs
Board Advisor Ian Redmond
Board Advisor Fabien Cousteau
Board Advisor Clare Richardson
Board Advisor Sylvia Earle
Board Advisor Stan Waterman
Board Advisor Elizabeth David Dembrowsky
Board Advisor Dominic West
Board Advisor Dr. Birute Galdikas
Board Advisor Dr. EO Wilson
Board Advisor Dr. David Guggenheim
Board Advisor Dr. Patricia Wright
Board Advisor David Hamlin
Board Advisor Victoria Franklin


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