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Sun Day

Sun Day (May 3, 1978) was designated by United States President Jimmy Carter , specifically devoted to advocacy for solar power , [1] following a resolution by Congress, HJRes. 715 becoming Pub.L. 95-253 [2] It was modeled on the highly successful Earth Day of April 22, 1970. It was the idea of Denis Hayes , who also coordinated Earth Day in 1970. [3]


While President Carter flew to Denver to visit a solar power research institute, others gathered in Cadillac Mountain in Maine where the sun’s ray allegedly first hit the United States (though not at the time of the year). A crowd gathered at a Plaza in New York. Robert Redford , who reminded them that the sun “can not be embargoed by any foreign nation”. At the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, environmental activist Barry Commoner is one of the 500 people who have had an important role in climate change. “If Mr. Carter and [Energy Secretary] Schlesingerwill not talk about solar energy, it’s time that we did. “and that solar power was the” … one solution to the economic problems of the United States ” [4]

Events were planned in twenty-two countries around the world. [5]


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