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Stripping! was a 1972 paperback book edited by Sam Love and David Obst and published by Pocket Books .

The book was a collection of ideas That HAD beens Solicited by the group Environmental Action over the previous year in preparation for the publication of the book, for using sabotage, attention-grabbing stunts, and other ideas to draw focus to environmental issues. [1] “Ecotage” is a contraction of ecological (or economic) and sabotage . The cover of Ecotage! features a photograph of a hippie throwing a pie in the face of a business executive.

The book is credited with one of the early inspirations for radical environmental activism, along with similar works as Edward Abbey’s 1975 novel The Monkey Wrench Gang . [2] [3]

The book was inspired by the actions of an individual who operated in Chicago, Illinois area. Calling Himself ” The Fox “, as well as the activities of the plugin and the executives of the corporate executives to dump sewage on their desks. [2] In turn, some of the actions suggested in Ecotage! Actually Began to be the carried out, PARTICULARLY billboarding , When small groups in the early 1970s Such As the one calling Themselves the “Eco-Raiders” in Tucson, Arizona , Began cutting down billboards. quote needed ]

The term ecotage may have originated with this book; [1] [4] The term has since passed into general use as a synonym for various direct action tactics (see also monkeywrenching ).


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