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Shane Claiborne (born July 11, 1975) is a Christian activist and author who is a leading figure in the New Monasticism movement and one of the founding members of the intentional community , the Simple Way , in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania. [1] [2] Claiborne is also a social activist, advocating for nonviolence and service to the poor. He is the author of the book, The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical . [3]


Claiborne grew up in East Tennessee. [4] His father, who was a veteran war veteran, died when Shane was 9 years old. A graduate of Eastern University , where he studied sociology and youth ministry, Claiborne did his final academic work for Eastern University at Wheaton College in Illinois . While at Wheaton, Claiborne did internship at Willow Creek Community Church. He has done some graduate work at Princeton Theological Seminary , but took a leave of absence, and is now part of The Alternative Seminary in Philadelphia. [5]

Claiborne worked alongside Mother Teresa during a 10-week term in Calcutta . [6] He Has written about how His work with Mother Teresa Impacted _him_ and made _him_ Realize the need to support has Consistent life ethic , to protect all human life from conception to natural death. [7] He spent three weeks in Baghdad with the Iraq Peace Team (IPT), a project of Voices in the Wilderness and Christian Peacemaker Teams . [8] He was witness to the military bombing of Baghdad and the militarized areas between Baghdad and Amman. As a member of IPT, Claiborne took a trip to the site, visited hospitals and families, and attended worship services during the war. He also continues to serve as a board member for the nation’s Christian Community Development Association, which was founded by the authors and community developers John Perkins and Wayne Gordon. [9]

On June 20, 2007, a seven-alarm fire at the abandoned warehouse The Simple Way Community Center where Claiborne lived. [10] He lost all of his possessions in the fire. [10] The Simple Way immediately up to donations to help those who have lost their homes in the fire. [11]

Claiborne is featured in the documentary The Ordinary Radicals , and co-directed the volume Another World is Possible DVD series. Claiborne wrote the foreword to Ben Lowe’s 2009 book Green Revolution: Coming Together to Care for Creation .

In 2011 he has appeared on both sides of the TV show “Red Letter Christians” with Tony Campolo . [12] That year also, he declared his unwillingness to pay taxes to fund US military activity. He withheld a portion of his income taxes corresponding to the percentage of the federal budget spent on the military, donating that money instead to charity. He wrote a public letter to the Internal Revenue Service to explain his decision. [13]

On May 7, 2011, married Shane Claiborne Katie Jo Brotherton. [14]

On January 26, 2016 Executing Grace – How the Death Penalty Killed Jesus and Why It’s Killing Us . It makes a case for the death penalty by John Perkins , Philip Yancey and Desmond Tutu , among others. [15]


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