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Renewal (movie)

Renewal is a 2008 documentary film . It is a feature-length documentary about religious-environmental activists. [1] Directed and produced by American filmmakers Marty Ostrow and Terry Kay Rockefeller, the film includes eight stories that represent the growing religious-environmental movement. Each story is set in a different religious tradition, addressing a different environmental concern. Renewal Began airing public television stations are in the United States in April, 2009. [2]


The eight stories in Renewal are: [3]

  • A Crime Against Creation : Evangelicals bear witness to mountaintop removal mining and the destruction of Appalachia (11:20 min.)
  • Going Green : GreenFaith in New Jersey helps congregations take the first steps to environmental action (14:20 min)
  • Food for Faith : Muslim tradition and charity forge bonds between urban communities and sustainable farms in Illinois (14:50 min)
  • Ancient Roots : The Teva Learning Center and Adamah in Connecticut bring environmental education together with Jewish tradition (17:30 min)
  • Compassion in Action : Green Sangha, a buddhist community in northern California, leads to a campaign to save trees (11:10 min)
  • Eco-Justice : The Holy Spirit inspires a battle against industrial contamination in small-town Mississippi (11:30 min)
  • Sacred Celebration : Catholics and Native Americans embrace religious ritual in a struggle to protect New Mexico’s land and water (9:30 min)
  • Interfaith Power and Light : Across America (9:25 min)

Presentation history

  • In honor of World Environment Day 2008, Renewal was screened at the United Nations. [4]
  • Renewal is featured in the Humane Society of the United States ‘ “All Creatures Great and Small Campaign.” [5]
  • Voted “Best of Fest” at the Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival in Seattle . [4]
  • Screened by over 1000 Interfaith Power and Light-affiliated congregations, in 29 states. [6]
  • Showcased as a workshop at Bioneers by the Bay, a conference dedicated to visionary and practical solutions for restoring Earth and its inhabitants. [6]
  • An official selection of the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival and National Tour, the largest environmental film festival in the United States, a festival for activists by activists. [6]

DVD release

The Renewal DVD includes the 90-minute sequence of the eight stories, as well as stand-alone versions of the stories. It is being promoted as a flexible tool for community action groups, congregations, religious and environmental organizations. [7]

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