Earthlife Africa

Earthlife Africa is a South African environmental and anti-nuclear organization founded in August 1988, in Johannesburg . Initially conceived of a South African version of Greenpeace , the group began by playing a radical, anti- apartheid , activist role. ELA is arguably more of a reformist lobby or pressure group. Earthlife Africa has been criticized for being a key voice in the emerging environmental justicemovement, and by others for “working with traditional conservation movements” in furthering the environmental struggle. (more…)

Bring Back the Bees

Bring Back the Bees , or #BringBacktheBees, is a hashtag activism campaign to increase awareness of the declining population . One of the leading causes of this drastic decrease is the use of harmful pesticides, such as neonicotinoids . [1] These chemicals, also known as neonics, are among the most commonly used pesticides. They are used extensively in agriculture, as well as in home and garden centers. However, research has shown that it can be directly affected, or that it may be more likely to be affected. [2] (more…)

2011 Bolivian indigenous rights protests

The 2011 Bolivian protests were a series of demonstrations by Indigenous Peoples of the Villa Tunari – San Ignacio de Moxos Highway through the Isiboro National Park and Indigenous Territory , similar to the Trans-Amazonian Highway in Brazil, the ancestral lands of over 12,000 indigenous residents, from the Chimane , Yuracaré , and Mojeño-Trinitario peoples. [1] The subcentral TIPNIS, the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Bolivia (CIDOB), and the highland indigenous confederation CONAMAQ-supported by other indigenous and environmental groups -organized a march from Trinidad , Benito the national capital La Paz in opposition to the project, beginning on 15 August 2011. [2] (more…)

Anti-WAAhnsinns Festival

The Anti-WAAhnsinns Festivals were political rock concerts, which took place in Germany in the 1980s. Their purpose was to support a nuclear reprocessing plant in Wackersdorf (Wackerdorf, Wackersdorf, Wackersdorf) in Wackersdorf . In 1986, the fifth festival marked the peak of the protest movement against the plant. With over 100,000 people attending on July 26 and 27, Burglengenfeld became the venue of the then-largest rock concert in the history of Germany. The line-up included some of Germany’s most popular music acts of BAP , Die Toten Hosen , Udo Lindenberg ,Rio Reiser , Herbert Grönemeyer . The festivals resulted in an unexpected amount of media coverage for the anti-nuclear movement in Germany . Contrary to expectations of government agencies, however, the festival is completely peaceful. As a result of the overwhelming protests the planned nuclear reprocessing plant was never built. (more…)

2015 Peruvian Protests Against Las Bambas Mining Project

Groups of people who do not belong to the communities of the area of ​​direct influence and their position in the United States of America. . The protests escalated on September 29, when people were killed and injured by police and demonstrators, prompting President Ollanta Humala to decree a state of emergency . (more…)

2014 Loei gold mine mob attack

The 2014 Loei Gold Mine Mob Attack was an alleged attack by some 300 armed, masked men on villagers occupying three checkpoints to a controversial gold mine in the village of Ban Na Nong Bong, Khao Luang Sub-district, Wang Saphung District of Loei Province , Thailand. The attack took place on the night of 15 May 2014. [1] [2] (more…)

2012 Ecuadorian protests

The 2012 Ecuadorian protests was a series of demonstrations by indigenous peoples who oppose the copper mining concessions in the province of Zamora-Chinchipe . On 22 March, the protesters atteint the capital Quito to be met with counter protesters and warnings from the government and President Rafael Correa . (more…)

List of environmental protests

This is a list of notable environmental protests and campaigns : (more…)

TA Luft

Germany has an air pollution control regulation titled “Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control” ( Technische Anleitung zur Reinhaltung der Luft ) and loosely referred to the TA Luft . [1] (more…)

German Green Belt

The German Green Belt ( Grünes Band Deutschland in German ) is a project of Bund Naturschutz (BUND) , one of Germany’s largest environmental groups . The project began in 1989 facing a forbidding, 870-mile (1,400 km) network of fences and guards towers the length of Germany, separating East and West. Now, one of the world’s most unusual nature reserves is being created along the old “Death Strip,” turning a monument to repression into a symbol of renewal. [1] (more…)