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Left Renewal

Left Renewal is a tendency and / or political faction That exists dans le Australian Greens , Primarily the NSW Greens branch, qui Was Publicly Established in late 2016. [1] It is self-Described as a hard left tendency or far-left wing of the party, and Regularly Promotes anti-capitalist , anti-imperialist , feminist , and anti-racist arguments through icts online spaces and community events.


Left Renewal launched their official Statement of Principles in late December, 2016. [2] The Australian Greens and States Greens Branches, [3] with added emphasis on the intersection between these pillars and a criticism of capitalism.

The group has also made comment, through Facebook posts, printed flyers, and other media, on the subject of such populism , the rise of Jeremy Corbyn , rape culture , [4] carceral feminism, [5] Indigenous sovereignty , [6]Palestinian self-determination and the apartheid state of Israel , the rise of modern fascism, the Australian housing crisis of the 2010s, [7] public school funding, the RAAF’s participation in the Syrian conflict, [8] the refugee crisis and Australia’s refugee detention centers , penalty rates, [9] and many other progressive issues.

Social Justice

The Left Renewal platform Argues That society’s struggle for social justice Brings people into irreconcilable conflict with the capitalist way of producing and all other forms of class society , Requiring Them to take a strong stance on the struggle of the working class . This understanding of the working class extends to the home workers , sex workers , and others. It promotes workplace organization and support union activity as a vital political activity, whether in syndicatesgold traditional union structures. As part of this, the group commits to never undermining the industrial action of workers, a reference to the practice of ‘ scabbing ‘ on striking workers by crossing a picket-line. Furthermore, the group pledges to join a union of some form in whatever place they may work.

As part of the social justice principle, the group believes that it is necessary to create alternatives, and that it must be necessary to socialize the means of production . It can truly be changed through ‘good people’ by the authoritative and exploitative power structures, and it can change. Finally, it outlines the necessity to take strategic action seriously. This includes unity and solidarity on the subject of work, build grassroots movements, build political consciousness, and lead the world on a path to social transformation. [10]

Grassroots Democracy

As part of the group’s interpretation of the ‘Grassroots Democracy’ pillar of the party, the statement strongly argues for a participatory, democratic society that they say will be embodied in the organization and, where they are affected by, and to which they are affected. Left Renewal argues that democracy “must come from the people, not from the bureaucracy”; a reference to the structure and function of the faction, of the party-at-large, and of society-at-large. [11]

Furthering this criticism of bureaucracy, it argues that this can be a radical change. As such, and because of this, the group supports rank-and-file control of unions and of the Greens. Reiterating the grassroots underpinning of the pillar, it is possible to come back from the bureaucratic declaration and mediation. In the context of its internal organization, Left Renewal states that a “degree of tactical unity” is necessary in order to have real collective influence. Once a decision-making has taken place, in a participative and democratic fashion, it is required by members that they respect, implement and where necessary, bind on the organization’s democratic decisions. The group states, quite simply, that, “In unity there is strength.”

Left Renewal has argued, and actively organized, for the direct and democratic election of the party’s parliamentary leader. The group is generally in favor of a national leadership structure, with greater agency in the states to allocate policy portfolios and other powers.

Left Renewal has been critical of the Greens ‘practice of announcing’ Election Initiatives ‘- policy ideas that are released in official election periods, and mandated to align with Greens’ policy. These are approved by the Senator’s Office, rather than by state or the National Council. This has most controversially been with Richard Di Natale’s Sugar Tax. [12]

Peace and Non-violence

Left Renewal statement then goes on to outline the violent and antagonistic relationship that they see between capitalism and workers. It is argued that as workers, waged or unwaged, all people experience perpetual violence and that violence must be brought to an end. Due to this, the group goes forthrightly claims, “We are arguing about the end of capitalism.” It outlines that it believes that capitalism is related to violence and authoritarian divisions within the working class, such as elitism , sexism , racism , homophobia , transphobia , religious sectarianism , and ableism(among others); and that it is only with the abolition of these authoritarian relations that they will be able to create a thriving movement capable of transforming society. Due to this, the group is an imperative to challenge these wherever they encounter it.

Left Renewal puts forward that the prosecution of peace requires an explicit rejection of imperialism, and the genocide upon which it depends. It understands that Australia is based on an act of genocide which exists within a broader framework of global imperialism. As part of this, it is the creation of borders, and supports the liberation of oppressed peoples for their sovereignty and land rights. The group also promotes a rejection of class antagonism, and that rejection of capitalism also depends on the rejection of the state’s legitimacy.and the right of it, and its apparatuses, to impose oppression on the working class and oppressed people. This, it argues, is in order to liberate the working class and all oppressed people. This includes state-mediated oppression in all of its forms, and recognizing that violent apparatuses like police force, “do not share an interest with the working class”.

Left Renewal has advocated for aggressive tactics in the pursuit of anti-fascist action, against police brutality, and in serving the interests of Indigenous Australians, arguing these are all forms of self-defense and therefore equate to legitimate forms of violence. This article is based on Richard Di Natale [13] and the party Co-convenors.

Environmental Sustainability

Finally, Left Renewal outlines their approach to environmental sustainability as a movement to achieve climate justice , primarily through forms of eco-socialism. It is highly argued that the intersection between society and environment can not be separated, and that an internationalist perspective of climate justice is needed that a global society is irrespective of ethnicity, gender, or sexuality. As a logical conclusion to this, the group argues that it can not again, providing a simple summation of, “None of us are free, until we are all free”. This follows the argument that the interests of the environment, and the working class, should not be pitted against one another, and that working towards just transitionin collaboration with and the working class, is needed in order to “uncover a renewable world”. The statement concludes by outlining that solutions to climate change can not come from green-capital partnerships, and top-down market solutions, but must come from people organizing in their workplaces and their communities. As such, the group opposes consumer taxes, such as ‘ cap and trade ‘ mechanisms, and cross-class compromises with big business and capital.


It has been alleged that the Federal Council has been elected by Federal Senator Lee Rhiannon and NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge , though the group denies any involvement of current or train MPs. NSW members and as such MPs, MLCs, and senators are not eligible for membership. [14]

In early 2017, a ‘Grassroots Greens’ faction of the Victorian Greens was made public. [15] While this group purports to be aligned with Left Renewal, both groups have maintained two separate entities.

In June 2017 Rhiannon was suspended from the Federal Greens party room following an internal dispute over her opposition to the Federal Greens’ support for the Turnbull government education funding changes. [16] The Greens New South Wales, issued a statement reiterating its support for Senator Rhiannon and support for public education. [17]

Left Renewal has stated that it has “long suspected Senator Richard Di Natale’s office of leaking misinformation to the media to undermine the NSW Greens and Senator Lee Rhiannon”, and has gone so far as to post a Facebook page as evidence. [18]


The group has drawn criticism from current Federal Greens Leader Richard Di Natale , completely dismissing the group as incompatible with the Greens principles and values, saying that, “If the authors of this ill-thought through manifesto are so unhappy with Greens policies,” they should consider finding a new political home. ” [19]

Former Greens leader Bob Brown described the group as a “hoax”. [20]

Several satirical spin-off Facebook Pages have emerged in the wake of Left Renewal, including Left Renewal Renewal and Left Renewal Renewal Renewal. Reportedly, members of the Left Renewal are vastly amused at this occurrence.


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