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Insubordinate France

The Uninsured France ( [la fʁɑs ɛ.su.miz] ; variously translated as France Unbowed , Unbowed France , Unsubmissive France , or Untamed France , is a left-wing populist anddemocratic socialist political party in France , [4] launched on 10 February 2016 by Jean-Luc Mélenchon , member of the European Parliament and form co-chairman of the Left Party (PG) It AIMS to Implement the. Ecosocialist program The future in common (English: A shared future).

The nominated party Jean-Luc Mélenchon has a candidate for the French presidential election of 2017 . He came fourth in the first round, receiving 19.58% of the votes, and failing to qualify for the second round by around 2%.

After the legislative elections of 2017 , France insubordinate form a parliamentary group of 17 deputies in the National Assembly , with Melenchon as the group’s president.

The party uses the lower case Greek letter phi as its logo.


The France rebellious Was it founded 10 February 2016, [5] based on the belief That traditional party political organizations and no follow serve democracy, and transverse movements are needed INSTEAD. [6] The movement is particularly inspired by the Spanish party Podemos and the candidacy of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Party presidential primaries of 2016 in the United States.

Its first meeting took place in Place Stalingrad , Paris on June 5, 2016, in the form of a march numbering about 10,000 people, according to the organizers. [7] [8] A second meeting took place in the gardens of the Toulouse Observatory on August 28, 2016. [9]

The program Avenir in common (English: A shared future ) Was adopté During the Lille convention Attended by just under 1,000 people in Saint-André-lez-Lille , one 15/16 October 2016. [10] Several personalities Addressed the convention, including forming Societe Generale trader Jerome Kerviel , LuxLeaks whistle-blower Antoine Deltour, political specialist Paul Ariès, train Malian Minister of Culture Aminata Traore and train Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament Zoe Konstantopoulou . [11]

At this convention the movement also presented twenty candidates for the French legislative election of June 2017 , including: Jean-Marie Brom, physicist, research director of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), and spokesperson of Nuclear exit ; Rémy Garnier, public finance inspector and whistleblower of the Jérôme Cahuzac Affair ; Lionel Burriello, General Confederation of Labor (CGT) Trade Unionist of the ArcelorMittal Steel Industry Factory, Florange ; Mehdi Kémoune, deputy secretary general of CGT Air France; actress Sophie De La Rochefoucauld; Marie-Hélène Bourlard, trade unionist featured in the movieThanks boss! ; Olivia Cattan , journalist and founder of the SOS Autisme France association; and Nathalie Seguin, trade unionist and member of the French Communist Party . [11] [12]

In August 2017, La France Insoumise organized its first summer university (called The AmFIs , a play between the word amphitheater and the acronym FI for France rebellious ), a traditional moment in France where campuses open their doors to political parties gatherings and meetings between the activists, the elected and many philosophical and cultural guests. It was set in Marseille Saint-Charles University. During four days, debates, conferences and workshops. The movement debated also about its future. [13]

Ideology and political program

Jacques Généreux and lawyer Charlotte Girard. [14] [15] It drew inspiration from icts The Human First (English: “Human First”), the program of the Left Front During the 2012 presidential election , from the work the carried out by the PG During icts for conventions the eco-socialism and summits for a plan B in Europe, and from the contributions of supporters of the movement, [14] which the rapporteurs were asked to synthesize.

At the end of the Lille Convention, a synthesis of all the proposals resulted in a program of 7 axioms and 357 measures. It was adopted by more than 90% of voters. [11]

The movement proposes “ten emblematic measures”, approved during the Lille Convention, calling for “emergencies” to be addressed: the democratic emergency, the social emergency, the ecological emergency and the geo-political emergency. [16] [11] Adopted by 77,038 votes in an Internet poll, these ten measures are: [11]

  • The formation of a constituent assembly with the writing of the constitution of a Sixth Republic, to succeed the present Fifth Republic . Members of the movement consider the Fifth Republic to be ” presidential monarchy “, in which too much power is concentrated in the office of the President of the Republic , with the people unable to exercise their actions. This constitutional process could also consider alternative forms of legislative elections, such as proportional representation. Constitutional (and therefore institutional) change is considered fundamental by the movement, which sees decreasing electoral turnout as a rejection by French people of their institutional system;
  • The repeal of the El Khomri law (labor plowing reformed in 2016 by the Second Valls Government ) which the movement believes in the “hierarchy of standards” in English labor law by reversing the “principle of favor” and thus not
  • the “democratic re-founding” of the European Union Treaties Including exchange in monetary policy , common agricultural policy and environmental policy . Failing this, the program envisages a “Plan B” of unilateral exit from European treaties, followed by proposing further cooperation between countries;
  • The implementation of an energy transition plan towards a target of 100% renewable energy in 2050, following the studies of the Negawa Association and the public and interdepartmental Agency of the Environment and Control of Energy (ADEME). This transition involves shutting down France’s nuclear power plants , criticized by the movement for their dependence on uranium supply, their lack of safety , their radioactive waste management and their financial cost;
  • The production of a “green rule” can not be more than can be replicated, nor produce more than it can bear, which the movement would propose during the constitution process for inclusion in the new constitution;
  • the right to dismiss Elected Representatives by recall election When They break campaign promises, gold Otherwise breach standards. The movement also wishes to propose this measure during the constituent assembly process;
  • the protection of common goods such as air, water, food, living, health, energy, or currency, by preventing their commodification in order to preserve the general interest, and by the corresponding public services;
  • the separation of investment and retail banks , avocation at Separating speculative activities from lend and deposit activities in order to protect the lath, and the establishment of a public banking center, Which would finance Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and carry out credit policy on social and ecological criteria;
  • raising the minimum wage (called “SMIC”) from 1.149 to 1.326 Euros per month net for 35-hour weeks,
  • withdrawal from free trade agreements Such As the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). [17] [18]

Other proposals include the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), to avoid French involvement in wars by the United States, and thus only to act within the framework of the United Nations (UN); reinforcing the 35-hour work-week and moving toward 32 hours; and reducing the retirement age to 60. [11] [17]

This program, named The Future in common (English: A shared future ), Was published by the Editions du Seuil on 1 December 2016. It is based around seven axioms: a Sixth Republic; distribution of wealth ; environmental planning; withdrawal from European treaties; peace and independence; human progress; and “on the borders of humanity” (ocean, [19] space and digital). The book is the best book published, with 110,000 copies printed, by 9 December. [20] It was the subject of an adaptation in digital comic strip, broadcast on the Internet. [21] Thematic booklets, deepening the proposals of the movement, have been published as the campaign progressed.

Candidates for the June 2017 legislative elections are 60% of civil society, with an average age of around 43 years. The investment candidates have signed the charter of the movement, [22] and the ethical charter of the independent association Anticor , committed to ethics in politics, the fight against corruption and tax noncompliance . [23]


The organization is not fixed, unlike a classical political party.

Supporters’ groups, small committees responsible for promoting Melenchon’s candidacy at a local level, have been established all over France and abroad. [24] [25]

Presidential campaign of 2017

The campaign was directed by Manuel Bompard, National Secretary of the PG, its spokesperson was Alexis Corbière, to form a Counselor of Paris and also National Secretary of the PG, and its coordinators were Charlotte Girard, lecturer in public law at the Paris Nanterre University and Jacques Generous lecturer in economics at the Paris Institute of Political Studies . [26]

On 15 November 2016, Jean-Luc Mélenchon held a meeting at the Manège conference center in Chambéry . Another similar meeting was held on 29 November, at the Femina Theater  ( fr ) in Bordeaux . This meeting was attended by 1,100 people, with several hundred people going to the theater. [27] Another large meeting took place on 18 March 2017, in Place de la Bastille in Paris. [28] Three of their four last meetings, in Marseille, Lille, and Toulouse, were attended by around 100,000 people. quote needed ]

France Unsubstantiated was polling at 11.5% at month before the first vote, [29] Melenchon received 19.58% in the ballot, finishing fourth, and not reaching the final round.

Political support

Insubordinate France is not a coalition of political parties. However, several political parties, branches or individuals, have announced their support for the movement of the movement and its candidate chosen, including: the Left Party , [30] the New Socialist Left  ( fr ) , [31] Together! , [32] the French Communist Party , the Pole of Communist Revival in France and some elected officials and leaders of the Europe Ecology – The Greens (EELV); these organizations are not parts of the movement.

Components of the Left Front

The Left Party , of which Jean-Luc Mélenchon is a member, is the main political force involved in the movement. Several of its executives are organizing the campaign.

The French Communist Party (PCF) is split on support for the movement. The party’s national conference voted for a vote of support for Mélenchon by 55% on 5 November 2016, [33] but party members voted in favor of support, by 53.6%. [34] Several members of the French Communist Party, including president Pierre Laurent and deputy Marie-George Buffet , [35] have endorsed his candidacy.

In November 2016, Together! The third component of the Left Front coalition, also announced its support for the movement, as 72% of its activists had voted in favor. They have been given the choice of three options: to support Melenchon and work on a common framework (42% of the votes), to participate more directly in the campaign of France unsubstantiated (30%) or to reject “at this stage” any support for Mélenchon (25%). [36]

The PCF and Together! have chosen to lead “autonomous campaigns”, maintaining their independence from the movement. Both parties print leaflets and posters, and organize meetings, without being associated with the political decisions of the campaign. [37]

Europe Ecology – The Greens dissidents

In December 2016, the Social Ecology Co-operative , whose members include political figures from Europe Ecology – The Greens (EELV), such as Francine Bavay, a federal councilor, and Sergio Coronado , member of the National Assembly for French overseas residents, published a statement calling for the endorsement of Mélenchon’s candidacy. [38] In February 2017, following the withdrawal of Yannick Jadot (the candidate nominated by the EELV Party presidential primary) in favor of Benoît Hamon (PS) on the basis of an agreement not approved by party members, some of them, including elected representatives, endorsed France insubordinate . [39]

On 10 March 2017, 27 environmentalists, including MP Sergio Coronado, activists, local officials, candidates for the June legislative elections and members of the EELV Federal Council, published article in Reporterre announcing that they would not support Benoît Hamon in the first round of the presidential election, goal France insubordinate , [40] pointing to the fact that Hamon “needs a strong Socialist Party for his campaign” whereas “the hope of an environmentalist left requires instead of getting rid of it”, criticizing Francois Hollande’s five- The term, and suggesting that the integration of political ecology into candidates is “recent and inconsistent” for Hamon, while “deep and lasting” for Mélenchon.[41]

On April 12th, 2017, seven members of the congregation of the party published an article on the issue of “Melenchon rather than Hamon,” and “Hamon won the presidency and a parliamentary majority,” “the majority would be composed of those Hollande and Manuel Valls “, adding:” Who would think that Socialist Party majority defending Holland’s five-year term would be akin to a radically different social and environmental platform? “. [42] On 14 April, Éric Piolle , EELV mayor of Grenoble , also endorsed France insubordinate . [43]

Election results


President of the French Republic
Election year candidate # of 1st round votes  % of 1st round vote # of 2nd round votes  % of 2nd round vote Winning party
2017 Jean-Luc Mélenchon 7059951 19.58% N / A N / A Working!


National Assembly
Election Votes (first round) seats
#  % # ±
2017 2497622 11.03


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