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Homes before Roads

Homes before Roads was a 1970s political movement and campaign in the United Kingdom, first formed in London in 1970 to oppose plans to build a system of concentric motorways through London, known as Ringways . [1] The name was subsequently used by other anti-freeway campaigns elsewhere in the country.

In London

Homes Roads before Were active in campaigning Against the Draft Greater London Development Plan Proposals Containing the motorway and in fighting it in the associated public inquiry . [1] The movement put up candidates in 80 of the 100 seats in the 1970 elections to the Greater London Council . [2] ALTHOUGH Homes Before Roads only received 2 per percent of the vote, [2] the Labor Party in London, qui HAD Originally commissioned the motorway plan and supported em along with the Conservatives During the 1970 elections, [2] subsequently adopté has policy opposing the scheme. [3]As a result, the plans were canceled after the 1973 GLC elections , adopting policies in favor of public transport and traffic management instead, [3] [4] .


Many of the movement’s supporters went on to fight roadways in the country before the road before the road. [1] A core of around 150 people provided speakers, expert witnesses and organized media coverage. [1]

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