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Gran Paradiso Film Festival

Gran Paradiso Film Festival is an International Nature and Environment Film Festival based in Gran Paradiso National Park , Italy. Originally conceived as a biannual festival, the Gran Paradiso Film Festival is one of the earliest nature film festivals to be created in Italy. [1]

Main location is the village of Cogne . Other locations are Rhêmes-Saint-Georges , Valsavarenche , Villeneuve and Ceresole Reale . [2]

The Regional Festival of the Regional Council of the Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley , The Regional Council for Tourism, Sport, Trade and Transport, Federparchi , the Gran Paradiso National Park , The City Councils of Ceresole Reale, Cogne, Rhêmes -Saint-Georges, Valsavarenche and Villeneuve. [3] [4]

Luisa Vuillermoz is the Artistic Directors. [5] In past editions, Artistic Directors were Luisa Vuillermoz and Gabriele Caccialanza. [6]


The Gran Paradiso International Nature Film Festival – Trofeo Stambecco d’Oro was inaugurated in 1984 [1] by Ente Progetto Natura [1] and further expanded in the following editions.

The festival has undergone several name changes. First of all: International Nature Film Festival – Trofeo Stambecco d’Oro . The name of the 2011 edition was Trofeo Stambecco d’Oro – Valle d’Aosta International Nature Film Festivalor simply International Nature Film Festival [7] 2012 edition, the festival’s sixteenth, was Gran Paradiso International Nature Film Festival . [8] It was a special edition, organized to celebrate the 90th birthday of the Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy’s oldest. Fabio Fazio was the special guest. [4] The festival attracted over 6000 participants. [9]

The XVII edition of Gran Paradiso Film Festival, which will take place in the summer of 2013, is organized by Fondation Grand Paradis . [10]


The Film Festival has two sections, International Competition and Corto Natura . The second section is dedicated to short films . [5]

  • International Competition : [11]
    • Stambecco d’Oro Trophy , awarded by the audience
    • Stambecco d’Oro Junior Trophy Prize , awarded by a children’s jury
    • Gran Paradiso National Park Prize , awarded by the technical jury
    • Marisa Caccialanza Prize , awarded by the technical jury
    • WWF Italy Prize , awarded by the technical jury
    • LIPU – Mario Pastore Prize
  • Corto Natura : [11]
    • Corto Natura Prize


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