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Fundi (politics)

Fundis is short for fundamentalists . The term was used for a faction within the German Green Party . The faction was formed in conflict with the Realo-faction within their party. The term has also been applied to similar conflicts.

General meaning

The abbreviation Fundi is a label applied to members who tend towards a fundamentalist interpretation of its common ideology (eg ‘green’ values), as opposed to the more “pragmatic realism ” of the Realo alternative. Other terms for green Fundis are wild greens or deep greens . They tend towards veganism , a strong animal rights approach and an aversion to traditional political methods, preferring to maintain a decentralized grassroots organization.

German Greens

In the 1980s and 1990s, a dispute between the Fundis and the Realos with the German Green Party arose. While the Realos, the group around Joschka Fischer , were in favor of moderate policies and cabinet cooperation, the Fundis opposed cabinet cooperation. The Fundis were composed of deep greens and eco-socialists . They did not only oppose cabinet cooperation, but were also in favor of strict term limits .

The term was first used in the Hessen Green party. In the 1982 state elections the party gained 8% of vote, and neither the SPD or the CDU had a majority of their own. In their program Hessen Greens had claimed that there was a “fundamental opposition between the anti-life and anti-democratic policies of the SPD, CDU and FDP.” Those who had a coalition with the SPD were called Fundis. The Greens tolerated an SPD- minority government for three years and in 1985 they entered the coalition, a victory for the Realos. Joschka Fischer became their minister.

During the party congress on 22-23 June 1985 in Hagen, the Realos won a victory on the federal level when they adopted a motion, saying that the Greens could “use the full bandwidth of parliamentary possibilities” “. At the end of the 1980s the Fundis founded the Left Forum. In 1990 a group of prominent eco-socialists left the party, in 1991 a group of deep greens also left. Some of those joined the PDS and others

In 1998 the Greens joined the federal cabinet, a final victory for the Realos. In the following years the division between realos and Fundis becomes less important. quote needed ]

Other uses

In the Green Party of Canada and the Flemish party, Agalev -party the term was also used to describe similar conflicts. In France between ‘Fundi’ and ‘Realo’ conflicts in the Green Party , resulting in a ‘pleiade’ of green parties.

In an article on the Greens / Green Party USA ‘s website, the organization characterized by the split between itself and the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) as akin to the fundi-realo split in the German Greens, with itself being the fundi wing and GPUS the realos. [1]

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