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Paul Yeboah

Paul Yeboah , is an educator, farmer, permaculturist, community developer, and social entrepreneur. He is the founder and coordinator of the Ghana Permaculture Institute and Network in Techiman, Ghana , West Africa . It is located in the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana. The purpose of the Institute is to build and maintain a stable food system, to take care of local ecosystems, and to improve the quality of life in rural areas. [1] [2] The GPN trains students and community in sustainable ecological farming techniques. They support projects throughout Ghana; women groups, micro-finance projects; teach growing moringa ; mushroom production; alley croppingAgroforestry . [3] (more…)

John F. West

John F. West , (1920-2001), [1] was an environmental activist in Marin County, California . [2] John and his wife Anne West were both active in local environmental issues in Marin County for several decades. [3] [4] John West was largely responsible for restoring the salmon spawning grounds in the area of Olema Creek and surrounding areas. [2] In contribution to John’s efforts, the creek, which was named “Blue Line Creek”, was renamed “The John West Fork” of Olema Creek. [2] [5] (more…)

Jack Weinberg

Jack Weinberg (born April 4, 1940) is an activist and educator of the New Left activist who is best known for his role in the Free Speech Movement at the University of California, Berkeley in 1964. (more…)

Dick Watling

Richard (Dick) John Watling (born 13 November 1951) is a Fijian ornithologist , writer and environmental consultant of British origin. (more…)

Vegan Congress

Vegan Congress is an activist group, co-founded in 2013 by artists Julie Andreyev , Trudy Chalmers, Beth Carruthers, Jesse Garbe, Carol Gigliotti, Genevieve Raiche-Savoie, and Maria Lantin with the intention to demystify veganism by providing good events and Information Relating to the vegan practice . [1] [2] Currently involving faculty, staff and students at Emily Carr University of Art + Design , Vancouver ; Simon Fraser University , Vancouver; University of British Columbia Okanagan, Kelowna; Dr. Carol Gigliotti, working in the US. The Vegan Congress seeks to provide practical knowledge of the global state of non-human animals with respect to ethics , dietary habits , ecology , agriculture and other forms of production and consumption. [3] The efforts to address these issues are sought after by one or more of a number of other health and environment related organizations, [4] along with striving to promote visibility and the application of ethics to a community. [5] (more…)

Rodrigo Tot

Rodrigo Tot (born c.1958) is a farmer and indigenous leader in Guatemala. (more…)

Oscar Soria

Oscar Soria (born 1974) is an Argentine political activist, social journalist, and environmental and human rights campaigner, currently serving as senior international campaigner in the Avaaz group . Previously he was the global brand director of Greenpeace and afterwards the media director of WWF . (more…)

Shimon Schwarzschild

Shimon “Bert” Schwarzschild (born 1925) is an environmental activist. His work contributed to the establishment of a nature preserve in Assisi , Italy . [1] [2] Schwarzschild founded the Assisi Bird Campaign [2] and helped organize the Assisi Nature Council . [3] He has also been active on many other environmental and neighborhood issues. [4] (more…)

John Sauven

John Sauven , (born in Ealing , west London, on September 6, 1954) is a trained economist and environmentalist and executive director of Greenpeace UK since 2008. Before that he was the director responsible for Greenpeace communications and specialized solutions and working with business. Sauven started working in a temporary position for Greenpeace in 1991 while waiting for a place at teacher training college. As director, Sauven has helped to shape Greenpeace UK’s commitment to defend the natural world and promote peace by investigating, exposing and confronting environmental abuse, and championing environmentally responsible solutions. [1] (more…)

Garth Owen-Smith

Garth Owen-Smith is a Namibian environmentalist . He was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in 1993, jointly with Margaret Jacobsohn , for their efforts on the conservation of wildlife in Namibia, where illegal hunting was threatened as such elephants and black rhinos . [1] (more…)