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Sea Spurge Remote Area Teams

Sea Spurge Remote Area Teams (SPRATS) is an environment care group founded in 2007, using a volunteer adventure conservation model. The initial primary purpose of the group, made up of a number of teams, is to remove the invasive sea ​​spurge flowering plant. [1] (more…)

Let’s do it! world

Let’s do it! World is a global civic movement that started from Estonia , asking people to join a series of local, national and regional clean-up events. Among other projects, it is the founder of World Cleanup Day . (more…)

Let’s Clean Slovenia 2012

Let’s Clean Slovenia in 2012 ( Slovenian : Očistimo Slovenijo 2012 ) Was a Slovenian environmental volunteer project Organized by the environmental organization Ecologists Without Borders with the goal of joining 250,000 people is 24 March 2012 and cleaning municipal waste from illegal Landfills in the country. [1] Cleaning of scattered garbage in urban areas was also organized. The project, a continuation of Let’s Clean Slovenia in One Day! carried out two years before, was inspired by the Estonian campaign Let’s Do It 2008and organized within the frame of the World Cleanup 2012 . (more…)

Great Cocky Count

The Great Cocky Count , also known as the Great Cockatoo Count , is an annual census designed to provide accurate data on the number and distribution of black cockatoos . It is the largest single survey of black cockatoos in Western Australia . [1] (more…)

Clean Up Australia

Clean Up Australia Limited is a not-for-profit Australian environmental conservation organization founded by Australian Ian Kiernan , and co-founder Kim McKay , in 1989. It works to foster relationships between the business and government. , water and climate change. Since its inception, Clean Up Australia Clean Up Day, Clean Up Day Clean Up Day, Clean Up the Alps Clean Up Day, Clean Up the World Clean Up Day . The organization is behind Clean Up Australia Day, and other environmental projects and campaigns. [2] [3] (more…)

Environmental volunteering

Environmental responsibilities conduct of activities including environmental monitoring (eg wildlife); ecological restoration, such as revegetation and weed removal, and education about the natural environment. They also participate in community based projects, improving footpaths, open spaces, and local amenities for the benefit of the local community and visitors. The uptake of environmental volunteering stems from the benefits for the volunteers themselves, such as improving social networks and developing a sense of place. [1] (more…)