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Gloria Feman Orenstein

Gloria Feman Orenstein (born 1938 in Brooklyn [1] ) is a feminist art critic, pioneer in the field of the women of Surrealism and scholar of ecofeminism in the arts. [2] [3] (more…)

Maria Mies

Maria Mies (born 1931, Steffeln , Rhine Province , Prussia , Germany ) is a professor of sociology and author of several feminist books, including Indian Women and Patriarchy (1980), Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Scale(1986), and (with Bennholdt-Thomsen and von Werlhof) Women: The Last Colony (1988). (more…)

Carolyn Merchant

Carolyn Merchant (born in 1936 in Rochester , New York ) is an American ecofeminist philosopher and historian of science [1] Most Famous for her theory (and book of the Sami title) on ‘The Death of Nature’, whereby she identified the Enlightenment have the period when science began to atomize, objective and dissect nature, foretelling its eventual conception as inert. Her works were important in the development of environmental history and the history of science . [2] [3] She is Professor of Environmental History, Philosophy, and Ethics at UC Berkeley. (more…)

Winona LaDuke

Winona LaDuke (born August 18, 1959) is an American environmentalist, economist, and writer, known for her work on tribal land claims and preservation, as well as sustainable development. In 1996 and 2000 , she ran for Vice President as the nominee of the Green Party of the United States , a ticket headed by Ralph Nader . In the 2016 presidential election, she est devenu the first Native American woman recevoir year electoral votes for Vice President of the United States, from faithless elector Robert Satiacum Jr. . (more…)

Anna Kingsford

Anna Kingsford , born Bonus (16 September 1846 – 22 February 1888), was an English anti-vivisection , vegetarian and women’s rights campaigner. [1] (more…)

Marti Kheel

Marti Kheel (August 25, 1948 – November 19, 2011) was a vegan ecofeminist activist scholar credited with founding Feminists for Animal Rights (FAR) in California in 1982. She authored several books in deep ecology and ecofeminism, including Nature Ethics: An Ecofeminist perspective , [1] and several Widely Cited Articles in college courses and related scholarship, Such as “The Liberation of Nature: A Circular Affair” , “From Heroic to Holistic Ethics: The Ecofeminist Challenge” , and “From Healing Herbs to Deadly Drugs : Western Medicine War Against the Natural World. She was a long-time vegan in diet, lifestyle, and philosophical commitments, working on her understanding of its implications in every area of ​​our relationship with nature and its constituents, and she found a wide audience for those deep reflections. Reportedly, she had pursued a raw vegan diet later in her life. [2] Her pioneering scholarship in ecofeminist ethics is foundational for continuing work in these fields. [3] (more…)

Lisa Kemmerer

Lisa Kemmerer , an ecofeminist vegan philosopher – activist , is professor of philosophy and religion at Montana State University Billings . She is Known for her work for animal rights and liberation , Where She works at the crossroads Largely entre speciesism and other social justice concerns- feminism , heterosexism , and classism . She has nearly 100 publications (mostly journal articles, anthology chapters, and encyclopedia entries), and is the author or editor of nine books. (more…)

Petra Kelly

Petra Karin Kelly (29 November 1947 – 1 October 1992) was a German Green politician and activist. She was instrumental in founding the German Green Party , the first Green party to rise to prominence both nationally in Germany and worldwide. (more…)


jones is an ecofeminist writer, educator, and activist. [3] [4] She is co-founder of VINE Sanctuary in Springfield, Vermont , an LGBTQ -run farmed animal sanctuary . [4] [5] [6] (more…)

Kristin Johannsen

Kristin Lisa Johannsen ( Tomah, Wisconsin , October 15, 1957 – October 7, 2010), was an American author and educator. (more…)