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Beyond the Limits

Beyond the Limits is a 1992 book continuing the modeling of the consequences of a growing global population that was started in Limits to Growth . Donella Meadows , Dennis Meadows , and Jørgen Randers are the authors and have been involved in the original Club of Rome study as well. Beyond the Limits (Chelsea Green Publishing Company) andEarthscan addressed many of the criticisms of the Limits to Growth book.


“Society has gone into overshoot, it is possible to limit the size of the body to a greater extent than to These are the most important resources in the world of pollution and pollution. [1]
” Beyond the Limits that the future does not lie in the area of ​​population growth, or that of the population growth in developing countries. [2]
“While the prognosis is sustainable, there are encouraging levels of survival, while there is Signs of success in the field of ozone and pollution control, but also in the context of ozone-depletion, [a] … the conditions underlying limited overshoots – population growth and resource depletion in a finite world, for example – remain unaddressed in the corridors of power. ” [3]


Billionaire investor Richard Rainwater indicates having been influenced by the Beyond the Limits’ . [4] His niece Kelley Rainwater reports she gave him this book as a Christmas present. She was introduced to the book by Dr. Jay Earley who is a social transformation theorist and colleague of the Meadows.d

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